Digital Signature Certificates are used by an individuals and organization for the purpose of

  1. Income tax filing
  2. Employee provident fund
  3. Registrar of Company (MCA – ROC)
  4. E-Tender submission
  5. Foreign Trade

Types of Certificates:

Signature Certificates

Encryption Certificates

SSL Certificates

Code signing Certificates

Document Signer Certificates

Class of Certificates:

All these type of certificates will be issued to individuals as well as organizations. Each class of digital signature certificate is used for specific security features and corresponds to a specific level of trust.

Class 1 certificate: It provides the basic level of assurance. Used in the purpose like e-mailing applications etc.

Class 2 certificate: It provides moderate level of security. Used in the transactions having monetary value (or) risk. Class 2 certificates mostly used for income tax filing, ROC & Provident fund applications.

Class 3 certificate: Class 3 certificate is high assurance certificates, primarily intended for e-commerce applications. It is used for the purpose of e-tender submission etc.,

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